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GEGO - Gertrud Louise Goldschmidt | von Nathalie David | 2013
DVD | 56 Minuten | englische Ausgabe mit deutschen und englischen Untertiteln

Gego, Gertrud Louise Goldschmidt (born 1912 in Hamburg, died 1994 in Caracas) was one of the leading artists of her generation in Latin America, known above all for her large-scalespatial installations. She regarded her works not as sculptures, but as structures or drawings in space. Gego studied architecture under Paul Bonatz in Stuttgart from 132 to 1938. Her training and practice as an architect had a major influence on her art, and the forming of space remained a central concern of her artist practice. Gego was of Jewish origin and had to emigrate to Venezuela in 1939, at the age of 27. In Caracas, she began working as an artist and teaching at the university. Her delicate, rhizomatically structured objects made of metal and wire challenged the traditiobal definition of sculpture an an enclosed mass and volume, and her groundbreaking and experimental approach to sculpture and "drawing in space" had a significant influence on subsequent generations of artists in Latin America, leaving its mark on contemporary art far beyond Venezuela. Nathalie David combines present day footage from Caracas and archive footage of Gego´s work and life with Gego´s text, "Sabiduras and Testimones", and statements from curators, art historians and family members. The music is composed and performed by Vladyslav Sendecki.